Thursday, September 11, 2008

~Made On Purpose For A Purpose~

Here I sit another day of my life at the front desk of High Rise, working ever so hard might I add. As if you couldn't tell.. But I spend a majority of the time just sitting back and watching people as they walk by. Most, of course, are familiar faces or getting more familiar day by day and some are rather close acquaintances, but most of the time as they walk by they are all just faces to me and nothing more. Until recently I have really began to think. I see these people everyday and usually always give them a smile and a friendly hi as they walk away and they escape my mind, nothing too major. But now everytime someone walks by me I just stop in amazement and awe. Why might you ask? Just think.. I have no idea how many faces I come into acquaintance within a day, over one hundred, for sure and guess what? Every single one of these individuals were made on purpose!! Now just take time to think about that. It definitely changes your perspective on people. At first, they are just a face, but it's so much more than that. It's not like God was like "Oops, that wasn't supposed to happen." and poof Jill was made. No, not at all. He added a little of this, alot of that and was like there she is, exactly what I wanted, my masterpiece. Am I the only one who gets shivers because of that? And not only was every person made on purpose they were made FOR a purpose. Every single person that walks by me in a day have something they are meant to do in their life. They were completely made to do it. And what's really crazy is that every single person's purpose is unique and different. This brings up a huge question for myself. What is MY purpose? What was I MADE to do in my life? And am I fulfilling it?

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Meanma said...

Duh! You were made to please your mom! Ha. Love, Mom