Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blogging To Be Vulnerable...

So here I am starting a blog.. You all may question this decision of mine and why I have decided to do such a thing and in fact I have a few answers to that question.. First of all, I'm a college student and I mean facebook and myspace already control 85% of my time why not add one more thing that can keep me busy and help me accomplish my goal of procrastination. And I might add to that at least I can improve my writing skills at the same time of avoiding my homework and RA obligations.

Reasoning number two for starting a blog would be the fact I can express myself with written words rather than by actual conversation. It is very hard for me to express my feelings and thoughts to others, it always has been. Every time I get upset, sad, mad, happy, excited, pretty much any type of emotion I sit down and just write my feelings out. I then reread it to myself to regather what has occurred and then go from there. If I do this anyways, why not make it a blog and get input from others? Also, this is a much easier way for others to get to know me without me having to deal with the awkardness I feel when I share my personal feelings and thoughts out loud. So here it is.. A beginning for me. It will be my first step into vulnerability.

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