Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Am...

I actually had to write an "I Am" poem for one of my summer classes and decided to share with you all.. If you are interested in writing your own I am poem (which I of course encourage everyone to do) here is a website for the format..

I Am

I am a caring, fun-loving woman of God.
I wonder what my life has in store for me.
I hear emotions that are never said.
I see the inner beauty of all around me.
I want to always be my vert best.
I am a caring, fun-loving woman of God.

I pretend that I'm invincible.
I feel the pressure of perfection from the world.
I touch the lives of children.
I worry that I will disappoint the ones I love.
I cry for the lost and searching.
I am a caring, fun-loving woman of God.

I understand that hard work is the key to success.
I say everything happens for a reason.
I dream of a day with no suffering or pain.
I try to dance like noone's watching, love like I'll never be hurt, and live like there's no tomorrow.
I hope to make a difference with all I encounter.
I am a caring, fun-loving woman of God.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haiku Time!

End of School Year Haiku
The school year's ending.
We must say goodbye to friends.
I'm left here alone.
But Summer is here.
And time to get up and leave.
Until Fall arrives.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen To Teacher

The other night one of my good friends and I were talking and he asked me what God had taught me lately.. I stood there staring at him with confusion and awe. That question really caught me off guard that particular night. After giving him a blank look and some kind of rushed answer I really started to think about it. What had God taught me lately? Thinking about it, I had no idea. My first conclusion was that God hadn't taught me anything recently, but that just didn't seem like God. Then I started wondering, well maybe at the point of time I didn't need to learn anything from God, but we all know that's a joke. But then the solution really hit me as much as I didn't want to believe it; I wasn't listening and paying attention to God to teach me anything.

As a future teacher, I know how hard it is to teach students who aren't listening and frankly don't care to learn. They simply think life is fine the way it is and what's the point of learning anything new. They become satisfied with just mediocre and average. Well after being asked this question one Wednesday night, I soon realized that I was one of my own dreaded students and God was the frustrated teacher. God is constantly speaking with me, helping me, and teaching me so much throughout life, but I'm too ignorant and stubborn to pay attention. I often feel "satisfied" with what I already know and find it useless to learn more. How foolish is that? I really am trying to rid myself from that mediocre mindset and strive for excellence. Every day I still struggle with listening to the Teacher, but if I take that time I sure learn alot and He is sure eager to teach me!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hola, fellow bloggers!! So I have been MIA for a few months now... Ooops my bad! Don't get me wrong I've logged in several times and attempted to write several different blogs, but it's just been very unsuccessful. Being a RA, college student, and now a recent girlfriend I just can't seem to make time for blogging.. Tisk Tisk.. I know. Even now I have no idea what to write, but decided to write something to let you all know that I am NOT dead! And in the future, an amazing piece from me will be published.. I hope. :P But that's all I have.. Ta ta for now!! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Family Tree Bears A Few Nuts!

So last Saturday was an interesting day for me. I got the wonderful pleasure of going clear to Rapid City to Christmas shop. Yay, sounds exciting, right? Umm you are highly mistaken.. This lovely Saturday started off with a phone call from my mother telling me that I should be ready to leave in about a half an hour because Aunt Jeanne and the Grands would be on their way to pick me up. Now, I had probably fallen asleep between 2:30 or 3:00 that morning and really had no idea what time it was when she called. After I incoherently mumbled ok and goodbye to her on the phone I checked the time and had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing this correctly. 4:55 in the AM!?! Are you serious? I layed back down and cuddled up in my nice warm blanket dreading the long day I was about to face with only two hours of sleep. I soon hopped right out of bed, knowing if I had not I would undoubtedly fall back asleep and be rudely awakened with another phone call telling me that they were outside of High Rise and I need to get my butt down there! So I got all beautified (well to the best I could at 5 in the morning on 2 hours of sleep) and then went downstairs to start my day. Now I get outside to get into the car. (which by the way was still pitch dark outside because even the sun was still too tired to get up so early!) Well I of course have to sit in the back seat of Aunt Jeanne's car right smack dab in the middle of Grandma and Grandpa! And when they first arrived Grandma didn't want to get out of the car so I literally had to crawl over Grandma, in fear of falling down and smothering her with my body. But after I ninja-ed myself over her and got situated I realized I still had the task of buckling my seat belt ahead of me. This seems like a pretty easy task, right? WRONG! First of all, I had to dig and search all over the stupid car seat trying to find the belt after that was accomplished I then had to safely secure it. I struggled and struggled trying to get my seat belt at the safest and most comfortable size and when I finally did that, the real fun part.. I physically had to grope my own grandfather, maneuvering my hands to places that they most definitely DO NOT belong! Then finally, yes, success!! So now that I am safely secured in, we were headed out of Chadron. Now about 5 miles out of Chadron my Grandma already insisted on telling her oh so famous, but not appropriate jokes. I of course start off, politely listening to her until the pun is totally destroyed and the joke ends up making no sense to me whatsoever! Soon after her several attempts, Grandpa then realizes that he really has to pee! Oh great! We are barely out of town and the bladders are already full! So we drive a little farther and then pull into a rest stop. Mom and Grandma then are yelling at Grandpa and Jeanne that they should not go down to the outhouse because who knows what kind of nutjob is sleeping in there just patiently waiting for full-bladdered truckers. They of course, ignore them and go to the outhouse anyways to do their deed. Ends up Grandpa takes alot longer than expected and have Mom and Grandma in a paranoid state the whole time. Grandpa finally comes back and of course has to mention the situation in WAY too much details, which has us all laughing and slightly disturbed. Back on the road again and in strange conversation, I grabbed for my heavenly ipod. As I turn it on and start to jam out, my ipod starts frantically skipping from song to song in a chaotic manner. In panic mode, I start freaking out. My only escape to sanity and it fails me!! Nuh Uh! Not happening! As I start to whimper and complain out loud I finally got it fixed and was at rest. I then was at peace for around an hour until we reached Rapid! When we entered Rapid we headed to our first shopping destination, Shopko! I was pretty excited, simply for the fact that I didn't have to be smushed like a sardine any longer. We go into the store kinda go our separate ways and all do our thing. After we meet back up and are ready to leave Mom then realizes that the weather has shifted and it is starting to snow! Oh man! Of course, she starts to immediately freak out and obsess about how if it starts to snow and freeze that she does not want to stay here. She then began constantly yelling at Jeanne to slow down because if its slick outside she will slide right into something! During all of this we stop at a few more places and get our shopping done, all feeling quite successful with our purchases. Then noon hits and a decision must be made! Where are we gonna eat?! Of course, no one cares, wherever, but oh man not there and definitely not there! And we can't go there.. So after some yelling and fighting and stubborn minded individuals we agree upon Burger King. We finally arrive to our second choice Burger King across town to eat. Grandma and Grandpa stare at the menu in awe and confusion having no idea what to order considering nothing on the menu is from Arby's! We then all order our food and start to eat. We then argue some more and then laugh about everything that has happened throughout the day and of course laugh some more when the family curse occurs and mom spills food all over her chest and must go to the restroom to clean it up. Then everyone finishes eating besides Grandma and mom starts walking out to the car, causing Grandma to inhale her food just so we wouldn't leave her there in the Rapid Burger King. I watched her in fear that she would start choking and I would have to give her the hemlich or worse, mouth to mouth!! We all were growing rather weary and tired already and were excited to know that we only had two more stores ahead of us. After some more shopping and some calloused feet we were ready to head back home!It had been a long and tiring day and I think we all were ready to crash. The ride back home made me realize that even though my family might be slightly crazy and I can become annoyed that I am soo lucky to have them as my family! We all just drove home in good conversation, some good singing christmas songs (who cares if the lyrics are completely wrong), and some good ole road trip games. After we returned to Chadron I definitely was ready to go back to the dorms and be myself and unwind, but I realized that I do have a bunch of amazing relatives and am so lucky to have them in my life. I love you all even if you are crazy! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Me!

So, I haven't written a blog for over a month now and one reason for this is just lack of creativity on what to write about! Don't get me wrong, I've definitely started a few different blogs in the past month, but none of them were worthy enough to finish, and especially to publish. But since it has been such a long time since you have all heard from me I decided to at least write something so you all know that I am alive! :) And due to my lack of creativity today as well, I decided it was a good day to blog some lists! Sounds good? If not, too bad because that's what you're getting! :)

Random Things That Always Make Me Smile:

1. The giggle and laughter of little kids and babies!

2. The prescence of God!

3. Scrubs and The Simpsons!

4. Impersonations of any sort!

5. Chirsten's sneeze!

6. Pa's "Your Mom" jokes!

7. Watching "my boys" play Halo!

8. Kitties!

9. New Facebook Friend Requests!

10. Old people holding hands!

Things That Make Me Angry:

1. Scraping ice off of my car windows!

2. Cold showers!

3. People thinking there is something wrong with me when I am just fine!

4. The internet NOT working!

5. Waking up early when you can sleep in!

6. Buzzing flies in my face!

7. People pushing the elevator alarm! (especially late at night!)

8. Having to choose between two things that I really want to do!

9. Not having a vehicle to drive!

10. Bill Maher!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jack, Jack... Where are you Jack??

So have you ever noticed that in every romantic, love movie the main man is always named Jack?!! Seriously, just think about it. Jack Dawson (Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic), Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean), Jack Taylor (George Clooney in One Fine Day), Jack Callaghan (Bill Pullman in While You Were Sleeping), the list could go on and on. And all of these Jacks have a similar trait with one another; they're basically studs.. Each one of them are very strong men that fight for what they want and end up completely intriguing that one lucky lady. They all have unique characteristics, but each one of them end up being completely irresistible. Captain Jack Sparrow just gives off that dangerous, manly vibe that may drive us women mad and at the beginning just can't stand him, but in the end we are always subdued by his dashingly handsome charm. Now, Jack Dawson is just basically the all around perfect guy. He is what a typical woman around the world is exactly looking for in their ideal man. He's nice, funny, charming, and talk about cuuutte.. He would do absolutely anything for his gal, which obviously was shown at the end othe movie. Then there was Jack Taylor. He's just the kind of man that you just can't help to fall for. I mean, seriously, as hot as George Clooney and good with little kids...Ding Ding Ding Winner!! Finally, Jack Callaghan in the oh so wonderful, While You Were Sleeping. Ok, so this Jack isn't what you might initially call a "stud"; in fact, some people might even consider him kind of a nerd, but nonetheless he attracts the woman with his humor and sincerity. I'm just gonna say, though all of these "Jacks" possess many different characteristics they know what it takes to sweep a lady right off her feet. They end up being the hero and rescuing that poor "damsel in distress". Talk about some lucky ladies!
As a Jill, I've always gotten the typical, "Hey, where's Jack??" I always just smile, grit my teeth, and walk on by, rolling my eyes thinking, " Pssshh, good one guys.." But the older I get, I'm finally questioning that myself. Where is that man that will sweep me off my feet and untie me from the tracks as the train is about to hit? Where is my dashingly handsome, charming, and funny hero? Seriously, where are you Jack??