Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen To Teacher

The other night one of my good friends and I were talking and he asked me what God had taught me lately.. I stood there staring at him with confusion and awe. That question really caught me off guard that particular night. After giving him a blank look and some kind of rushed answer I really started to think about it. What had God taught me lately? Thinking about it, I had no idea. My first conclusion was that God hadn't taught me anything recently, but that just didn't seem like God. Then I started wondering, well maybe at the point of time I didn't need to learn anything from God, but we all know that's a joke. But then the solution really hit me as much as I didn't want to believe it; I wasn't listening and paying attention to God to teach me anything.

As a future teacher, I know how hard it is to teach students who aren't listening and frankly don't care to learn. They simply think life is fine the way it is and what's the point of learning anything new. They become satisfied with just mediocre and average. Well after being asked this question one Wednesday night, I soon realized that I was one of my own dreaded students and God was the frustrated teacher. God is constantly speaking with me, helping me, and teaching me so much throughout life, but I'm too ignorant and stubborn to pay attention. I often feel "satisfied" with what I already know and find it useless to learn more. How foolish is that? I really am trying to rid myself from that mediocre mindset and strive for excellence. Every day I still struggle with listening to the Teacher, but if I take that time I sure learn alot and He is sure eager to teach me!

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