Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Me!

So, I haven't written a blog for over a month now and one reason for this is just lack of creativity on what to write about! Don't get me wrong, I've definitely started a few different blogs in the past month, but none of them were worthy enough to finish, and especially to publish. But since it has been such a long time since you have all heard from me I decided to at least write something so you all know that I am alive! :) And due to my lack of creativity today as well, I decided it was a good day to blog some lists! Sounds good? If not, too bad because that's what you're getting! :)

Random Things That Always Make Me Smile:

1. The giggle and laughter of little kids and babies!

2. The prescence of God!

3. Scrubs and The Simpsons!

4. Impersonations of any sort!

5. Chirsten's sneeze!

6. Pa's "Your Mom" jokes!

7. Watching "my boys" play Halo!

8. Kitties!

9. New Facebook Friend Requests!

10. Old people holding hands!

Things That Make Me Angry:

1. Scraping ice off of my car windows!

2. Cold showers!

3. People thinking there is something wrong with me when I am just fine!

4. The internet NOT working!

5. Waking up early when you can sleep in!

6. Buzzing flies in my face!

7. People pushing the elevator alarm! (especially late at night!)

8. Having to choose between two things that I really want to do!

9. Not having a vehicle to drive!

10. Bill Maher!!!!

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